Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aaaand, I caught it too :(

         "Just one more sip," I told myself mentally as I used my pitiful amount of energy to lean over and grab my mug of ice water. I put the straw to my lips and had to force myself not to guzzle the incredible water. It felt so good as it entered my dry mouth and slid down  my burning throat. I leaned my head back slightly as to not upset my stomach even more and closed my eyes, praying to God for the stupid sickness to pass.
  That's how I spent my night last night, kneeling by my lovely toilet sipping my happy water and then only moments later throwing up... My little sister caught some virus and as time went on I didn't think I'd catch it. I was feeling pretty well and was trying to help take care of the sick people in my family that weren't as lucky as me. Then last night around seven p.m. my stomach took a turn for the worst and I didn't leave the bathroom for hours. :o It was like hell. Then I am brilliant earlier that day (heavy sarcasm. lol) and eat something spicy for lunch. So my throat decided to burn after each, umm, evacuation ;) Then once I'd sit back down, I would shake something awful and my eyes would just pour tears down my cheeks. Every other time I'd throw up in my life, I never cried so this really weirded me out a bit. lol In conclusion, my night was utterly miserable. I was finally able to lay down around 4 a.m. and thankfully only entered the bathroom a few times after that.  I just kept thinking what my mom had repeated to  me earlier that night, "This too shall pass. I promise that it will stop eventually!"  Now, I'm sitting up, not wanting to throw up(Thank God!), but my stomach hurts and I feel super weak. I'm sipping Gatorade and nibbling on a Saltine, happy that I've kept that down. I feel so bad for mama with all this. She is finally starting to feel better after having this, but he is still so weak. She's having to take care of us. It looks as though no one in this family will get away without catching this stupid virus, I'm just praying that Dad isn't next. :/ At least it won't last forever. As long as I'm not throwing up anymore, then I'll be alright. *shudders* Gosh, I really hate doing throwing up. lol
I hope y'all are all having a happy, puke free day! lol


Grammy Blick said...

Soda crackers are good -- I'd go for 7-UP instead of Gatorade, though. Something about the carbonation helps. Tiny nibbles and sips. Not certain it does more than keep us busy while time passes and our bodies fight the battle. It is survivable!!