Monday, January 24, 2011

I said noooo ma'am. Don't do that. o.O

  Up above are two of my silly sisters. If you can't tell, they are a tad bit michevious. lol As the oldest sister, I always have at least one eye on them at all times. These two are partners in crime. You can always see them exchange these looks. You know the looks that one gives his/her partner when they've just got a scathingly brillant idea? Well these two share those looks often. lol They are still little, but I have a feeling as they grow they will be the two little joksters in the family. ;)
  I love each and every one of my sisters very much. I still remember being 7 years old and praying, "I just want a brother or a sister. Doesn't matter which one! Please God! Can I just have one, please?" lol A month after I turned 8, I became big sister to 2! (God heard and answered me. At that point I thought it might have been all of the pennies I threw into the little ponds with the fake frogs that spit out water at the Mall. After all the penny prayers, He had finally heard me! :D lol) A boy and a girl. My sister was born from my mother and my brother, born from my Step-Mother. Sadly I don't see my half siblings from my biological father. But let me tell you, I was the happiest little girl when I became a big sister. I suddenly felt older. I felt like I would do absolutely anything to protect my siblings. I still feel like that to this day. I would do anything for my sisters. I've also learned how much I effect them. How much they look up to me. I remember awhile back, I was scurring around the house trying to pick a few things up. I wasn't paying attention and rammed my foot right into the door frame. The word that escaped my mouth wasn't completly awful, but I try not to use it even in anger. "Darnit!" I said under my breath. I remember trying not to think about my throbbing foot at I wobbled out of the room to hear my tiniest sister say in the smallest/fairy like voice, the word I had just let slide out of my mouth. I froze and looked over to see her grinning and giggling at me. "Dear God, help me control my mouth..." was the very next thing that entered through my mind. I suddenly couldn't feel the pain in my foot because all that was passing through my mind was what my smallest sister had just repeated. I could hear her giggling still. The giggling of her being proud of herself because she had just said what I had. She was happy to be acting like me. I quickly hobbled over to her and knelt down infront of her and told her not to say that word, that I shouldn't have either, and that I was sorry. She smiled and nodded at me and went back to playing.
  You never know how much you effect someone, just simply by being in there life. You can effect their whole entire future, if they really look up to you. I've learned so much by having sisters, and being the oldest. So much that will help me out when I end up having children of my own, if God allows. I thank my Mama for having let me help out with the little ones as much as she has. I pray that God gives me leads me in my actions because I know that no matter how old I get, I will always have my little sisters watching me. I pray that I can help mold them into God-fearing young women as I journey down that very same road. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome! Take your shoes off ;)

                                                     Welcome to my new blog!
Hey guys! Welcome to my new virtual home. This is where I am going to write about my journey to become the best God fearing young woman I can be as I wait/prepare myself for my husband. On this blog I will share with you my goals, the struggles I'll have with trying to perfect them, and the exciting moments if I am able too! lol
Coming from a southern Cajun family I am used to laughter, and the closeness of family and with that, mine will be the same. So I invite y'all to laugh and become family with me as I travel down the path I feel God has chosen for me. Again, welcome! :D